Daring to be millionaire

Daring to be millionaire

A bit of a catchy title, I ain’t gonna lie.

Especially for a first article.

However, I would like to start by saying that if you read these words with the umpteenth conviction that this is yet another guy who wants to sell you his ultimate method or who is lying to you about how he is going to do it: you are deceived. I’m not going to be like all these guys who are trying to sell you courses to get rich, while they become rich thanks to the fact that they sell courses. Indeed, I am not here to sell you anything, but simply to make you a witness of my journey and the completion of my goal: to become a millionaire.

Perhaps it is necessary that I tell you a little about myself, you must tell yourself who is this arrogant man, who believes that he can become a millionaire just because he decides to do so.
I am you, I am me, I am someone who starts from zero. No inherited wealth, nothing, nada.
Just an ambition, a finance degree obtained with excellent results, and a sufficiently intelligent brain, no more, no less. I think relatively few people these days really believe in the possibility of achieving a moderate level of wealth and for these people I would like to tell you that it is rather not to become rich if you spend less than you earn and invest regularly through the power of compounding interest.
I understand that the goal itself of “becoming a millionaire” probably seems unattainable for many, but I have a plan, or at least a financial strategy. I have been studying the school of thought invented by Benjamin Graham for some time now, which is called “value investing”. And today I can say with conviction that becoming a millionaire by being regular, patient and above all rational does not seem impossible to me. I would even go so far as to say that unlike getting rich quick and seeing yourself fail 99.9%, getting rich slowly but surely seems to me to be a much more logical approach, but who has the patience to do that these days?

Thanks to the knowledge of my spiritual mentors like Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier, to name a few, I intend to achieve what they accomplished before me by relying on their experiences. Obviously, we are not at the same time and I am just an ordinary individual, but I believe in the power of rationality in the face of emotional players in the stock market. I started less than a year ago with zero capital, and today have a portfolio worth around €12k. This is only the first step towards my goal, since I am already at 1% out of 100 by just investing my savings monthly, and through the power of cumulative interest I envisage in the worst case scenario being a millionaire by 18 years old. I will use all means at my disposal to achieve this objective as quickly as possible, without disregarding the risks I could take. Rationality above all. It therefore appears that my objective is indeed to fill my pockets, but it is only an externality to an intellectual investment process that fascinates me. I’m not doing all this to be a millionaire, I’m doing this because I’m passionate about it. Having my own investment fund that would allow me to practice and make a living from my passion is something that drives me and this blog will therefore serve as my journal. Ambition is not pretension, I believe that we must give ourselves the means to accomplish what we dream of, I believe in my abilities, I continue to learn and every day that God brings me closer to my goal little by little.

May this statement serve as proof that blindly believing in one’s abilities has a power that no one can deny.



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